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I’m a multi-passionate journalist that likes to help businesses solve problems.

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Literary debut


Pivoted from questions about love and loss to growth and healing during a period of transition, Stephanie unveils her heart amid shattering circumstances of how she mitigated trauma following the end of her years-long relationship.

In From Break Up to Come Up: 8 Life Lessons to Navigate The End of Any Relationship like a Boss, Stephanie invites us to join her journey of revelatory experiences and the self-affirming processes that cleared the path to her “come up”. Instead of focusing on the challenges that ended the relationship, Stephanie decided to look at the positives, giving her renewed motivation to pursue her life’s purpose.

Stephanie offers her transformative playbook to support anyone ready to move on from the end of their relationship towards making life after their most fulfilling time yet.

I’ve written hundreds of articles for news media across the country. A sampling of those stories are located in my digital portfolio.