The Business of... Black Girls on Campus

I remember the first time I spoke to Monica about her idea a few years ago. It was brilliant and I was mad at myself for not thinking of it first. That said, I believe God knows what he’s doing and he chose the right person to move forward on such a great and important cause as the business of helping first-generation Black women navigate college. 


The latest data tells us that there are more than 89,000 first-generation college students in the United States and of those, less than 10 articles exists on Black first-generation college students. We talk with Monica Britton-West, a pioneer in the space of this largely ignored segment of society, who is working to help Black girls who are or will be first-generation college students succeed on campus. 


Born and raised in New York, Monica Britton earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University at Albany. Soon after graduating from college, she began a 15+ year career in the entertainment industry where she was able to polish her management, team building, out of the box marketing.

Notably, Monica held various roles in music corporate America wrapping up her industry career as a national manager of sales & field marketing at a major record label before deciding to leave the music industry full time. Under her leadership she was responsible for overseeing the execution of a $1 + million national marketing plans for numerous high profile artists and groups annually. She successfully collaborated with regional directors to create advertising/marketing planners; designed and coordinated marketing strategies and campaigns, while administering budgets of $200K annually.

Although, her career in the music industry was a successful one, Monica felt her calling was to give more in a professional service capacity. In 2006, she left the entertainment industry for her dream position at a prestigious non-profit entity in New York. As a servant leader, she also volunteered her time at her place of worship as an American Sign Language Interpreter, Youth Ministry advisor and grief support group leader.

In 2017, after much prayer, preparation and contemplation, Monica started Black Girl of Campus (BGOC) which focuses on helping the parents of young black girls grades 9-12 navigate the path to college and in 2019 Lift As You Climb, a consulting firm that helps black millennial women create 360 happiness professionally, personally and spiritually upon graduating college. Monica is in development on her podcast, On Campus which will share insights on what it takes to get into college, what happens while you’re in college and what to do upon graduating college.

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